Going for Significant Daisies To own Funeral Rose Preparations

In another ancient greek legend, whenever Queen Aegeus man Theseus volunteered so you’re able to slay the newest Minotaur, he advised their father he’d fly a light banner toward their come back to Athens to mention his win.

But not, Theseus forgot to alter this new flags and you will sailed into vent with black colored flags flying. Believing their child as killed because of the Minotaur, Queen Aegeus timely the time committing suicide.

Considering the mythology, Asters searched heavily from the religious life of this new ancient Greeks. As the asters was basically believed to be sacred on the gods, these were utilized in wreaths put on altars.

Asters actually leaves was also burnt by the ancient Greeks to ward out-of evil comfort-together with snakes, a far more temporal chances!

Within the France, asters had been titled “the new attention out of Christ”. Asters was in fact placed on the graves out-of inactive soldiers so you can represent the fresh want to one one thing got turned out in a different way when you look at the battle.

The gerbera daisy try indigenous to Southern area Africa. The fresh new Latin term into gerbera daisy was Gerbera Jamesonii, and is co-named immediately following botanists Treson, which discovered the brand new flower to your an expedition compared to that continent.

The new medical identity for sunflower, Helianthus, actually brings together this new Greek terms and conditions getting “sun” and you may “flower.” In the Greek mythology, the new sunflower is actually associated with a story from a great nymph exactly who becomes brand new flower immediately after losing this lady one true love.

Worldwide sunflowers try regarding the desire, positivity, fuel, stamina, and happiness, considering their resemblance on sunshine itself. 繼續閱讀 Going for Significant Daisies To own Funeral Rose Preparations