It would be a quest regarding darkness to white

This new stark examine anywhere between Poland and you can Israel is intentional, even in brand new appealing report regarding first section of latest educator’s manual: “You are transmitted … back in its history to a single of one’s darkest chapters within the person lives, to 1 of the very terrifying times in the Jewish history. Next, before you take a deep breath, you will go Israel, the latest Jewish Homeland, so you’re able to commemorate toward individuals of Israel, Versatility Day. It would be an experience of an existence.”

Survivor Nandor Markovic, best, seated that have Phil Liff-Grieff, out-of La Bureau away from Jewish Knowledge, at the Auschwitz before the ).

Not surprisingly, memory of your horrors persist getting survivors in addition to their household. 繼續閱讀 It would be a quest regarding darkness to white