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The foundation of your own Basis “Only if we bring happily, instead of concern otherwise notion of acquire, do we actually know just what love function.” – Leo F. Buscaglia

“It is around me to render all of our matchmaking a chance. Nothing is deeper in daily life than loving another and being adored inturn, having enjoying ‘s the greatest out-of experience.” Enjoying Each other

“It’s just when we have experienced love that people truly knew what might be forgotten of the lost it." Produced To have Like

“You’re just your . You’re best your. You will always be another best someone else.” Love

“As long as i render gladly, in place of hesitation otherwise concept of acquire, can we truly know what like mode.” Life, Loving and you may Learning

“Whatever you telephone call the secret of happiness is not any much more a good magic than our very own determination to choose existence.” Bus zero 9 so you can Heaven

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