An excellent reproductive health rules begins with reliable search


Understanding ladies things about abortions normally revise social debate and policy of abortion and you may unwanted maternity. Group alter over the last 20 years highlight the need for a beneficial reassessment of as to why girls decide to provides abortions.


When you look at the 2004, a structured survey is actually complete by the step 1,209 abortion clients within eleven large organization, plus-depth interviews have been conducted having 38 female during the five web sites. Bivariate analyses checked out differences in the reason why to possess abortion round the subgroups, and you can multivariate logistic regression patterns analyzed relationships between respondent attributes and you can said factors.


The causes normally cited were you to definitely having a child do affect a great female’s degree, works or power to maintain dependents (74%); one she cannot pay for an infant today (73%); and therefore she did not desire to be just one mom otherwise is actually that have matchmaking problems (48%). Nearly five during the ten ladies told you they’d done their childbearing, and almost you to-third were not willing to keeps a child. Less than 1% told you the parents’ otherwise partners’ curiosity about them to provides a keen abortion is actually initial reason. More youthful people will reported that these were unprepared with the change so you can motherhood, while you are more mature ladies daily cited their obligation so you’re able to dependents. 繼續閱讀 An excellent reproductive health rules begins with reliable search