Leo following told me one to Glucose is at new central tower

Trebol next grabbed Leo and his other dwarves along with his gooey substance

Shortly after Thunder Soldier and a few dwarves separated from their website, Leo said that they visited the fresh royal castle in order to attack Doflamingo the moment Glucose is actually outdone. Whenever Usopp are spotted by two of Doflamingo’s people, the dwarves stripped him or her. While they had been puzzled, Leo and you may Rampo knocked them aside. Immediately after Usopp and you will Robin apply disguises, the rebels proceeded about the main tower. [23]

When they arrived at brand new exec tower, Leo explained to Usopp regarding partnership between your tower and you will the trash put. They then infiltrated this new tower and you will went to the room where Glucose and Trebol was in fact discovered. Leo formulated a strategy to take-down Sugar. The guy took away a great take off off Tatababasco, that’s known as the most well known spice worldwide and the fresh new dwarves managed to get formed particularly a grape. Leo planned to place the spice on Sugar’s basket out-of grapes regarding the expectations you dating sites for Niche adults to Glucose would eat they. When he ran forward to carry out his package, he ing, the fresh new procedure would be a survival. [32]

Shortly after watching Trebol capture a fly having high accuracy, Robin prevented Leo out of entering the area, with the knowledge that Trebol would be able to destination him. [33] Whenever Bian brought about a disturbance regarding the change vent with an enthusiastic army regarding wasps, Robin attracted Trebol out from the area. 繼續閱讀 Leo following told me one to Glucose is at new central tower