Melchizedek, The order of your Bluish Flower while the Magdalene Ancestry

New Solar power Lord Melchizedek is but one just who oversees this new Christed trend of light -due to the fact creativity trend

Since i began my travel into the Order out of Melchizedek, The newest Magdalene, therefore the Rose Center Lineage of one’s Divine Mom, I’ve had unlimited concerns, just like the I know each one of you possess as well. Earlier I did a chat into the roots of your mystery schools, We noticed it might give me personally an opportunity to browse and you may learn much more about the newest contacts between the mystery colleges sites de rencontres avec gens de plus de 50 ans of the Goddess lessons and they puzzle universities regarding ancient Egypt and you may Greece in addition to their connection to Your order out of Melchizedek. I became able to patch together a better understanding of the new reputation for the latest mystery colleges, but indeed there remained inquiries for me, questions of your a lot more old record and origins of them teachings, thus immediately after months and you can months regarding composing and you can researching, We sat on silence and you can questioned all the questions We nonetheless had in my heart referring to the solution I acquired from the Brotherhood of White.

They have titled forward an exemplary selection of complex beings so you can support him within works, Avatars because you manage discover them, ascended entirely. However present this new temple build within your body and the newest time periods out of inhale you to establish the fresh new configurations on the white human body. Since this temple is established within your body the whole process of ascension was fully understood on physical setting.

He has begun new works up on the fresh earthly plain, your Christ design from white can be totally embellished towards the new minds out-of humankind

When you look at the eons earlier extensions of your works of your Melchizedek Acquisition was in fact set on environment, temples who resurrect the fresh light muscles regarding old. 繼續閱讀 Melchizedek, The order of your Bluish Flower while the Magdalene Ancestry