We have now move on to the 2 questions towards internet sites

The dimensions of on the web network falls for the “0”, “1–100”, “100–300”, “three hundred or maybe more”, with 23%, 50

The initial concern issues actual-lives family. The actual wording was “The dimensions of the actual-lifestyle social media of members of the family?” The latest enabled solutions, except if this new participants will not address, is “Lower than 10 family members”, “Anywhere between ten and you can 20 relatives”, “Between 20 and you will 30 household members”, “Ranging from 30 and you will 50 members of the family”, and you will “Over fifty household members”. The shipments of your own community size is revealed from the higher committee from Profile 2. A massive almost all new attempt kissbrides.com bunu okumaya devam edin, nearly 80%, is within the first couple of groups (i.e., which have less than 20 family unit members).

The newest immediately 2nd matter regarding the questionnaire inquiries online members of the family: “How big is your online social networking?” The fresh new solutions become “There isn’t an internet social media”, “Lower than 100”, “Between 100–300”, “Anywhere between three hundred–500”, “Anywhere between five-hundred–700” and you may -Greater than 700”. The latest distribution is revealed toward lower committee out-of Shape dos. A massive almost all this new take to both doesn’t have on the web family members (regarding the twenty five%) otherwise keeps under 100 ones (on 50%).

Forty-five per cent (45%) of the try is partnered; 15% in common-legislation loved ones, 5% relationship, 23% single; the remainder several% was separated, separated, widowed or was unknown

The two circle inquiries provides other variety of methods, and you can each other possess some tips with simple responses (look for Shape dos). 繼續閱讀 We have now move on to the 2 questions towards internet sites