All of us embassy cables: A married relationship banquet, new Caucasus method

Thursday, , C O Letter F We D Age N T We Good L Area 01 Away from 05 MOSCOW 009533 SIPDIS SIPDIS EO 129 Labels PGOV, ECON, PINR, RS Subject: A beneficial CAUCASUS Relationships Categorized By: Deputy Captain away from Objective Daniel A beneficial. Russell. Reasoning step 1.cuatro ( b, d)

step 1. (C) Wedding parties is actually advanced during the Dagestan, the most significant independency regarding North Caucasus. New luxurious screen and you will heavy-drinking hidden the fresh fatal major Northern Caucasus government away from home, ethnicity, clan, and you can alliance. The new invitees number spanned the fresh Caucasus fuel construction — invitees featuring Chechen commander Ramzan Kadyrov — and you may underlined just how private the newest region’s politics would be. Stop Summation.

Within the receptions the groom leads a great delegation into bride’s reception and escorts their unique back to their own lobby, of which part she formally will get a member of the fresh groom’s friends, forsaking their unique dated loved ones and you can clan

2. (C) Dagestani weddings is major team: an online forum getting indicating regard, fealty and you will alliance certainly one of family members; the latest wedding couple are nothing more than showpieces. Weddings take place in discrete parts more than 3 days. Into the first-day the groom’s nearest and dearest in addition to bride’s nearest and dearest simultaneously keep independent receptions. The very next day, the groom’s moms and dads keep several other lobby, this time towards the bride’s friends, who will “inspect" the family he has got considering its dily holds a lobby to possess the latest groom’s moms and dads and you will family members. 繼續閱讀 All of us embassy cables: A married relationship banquet, new Caucasus method