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Ottoman Months (1430–1913)

Unfortunately, brand new Christians are affected a setback circa 1611 whenever Dionysius the brand new Philosopher, pertains to urban area. After the Orthodox church kicks your away, the guy starts tossing a little military off growers and you can fighting small Ottoman garrisons.

He marches into Ioannina without warning. The fresh new residents thought he is on the Ottomans, additionally the Ottomans believe brand new customers is fighting.

This new revolt ends having Christians dropping each of their privileges. And additionally, it push him or her when you look at the urban area (walls) and ought to fend on their own.

Aslan Pasha shuts the school on chapel and gives the newest buy so you can wreck the latest monastery out of St. John brand new Baptist. They kill the monks then create the brand new Aslan Pasha Mosque at that moment.

And several Other stuff Happens.

In terms of code, the fresh Greeks create continue with Greek, the brand new Ottomans having Turkish, as well as the Albanians with the tongue. Greek is the most prominent.

Ioannina thrives while the significant town inside Epirus, change having towns and cities because far away since the Livorno during the Italy. By 18th century, there are notable metropolitan areas out-of understanding in the city.

Ioannina will get the midst of delivery of these instructions on the Greece. The fresh book’s victims become Greek records, Christian theological, as well as research and mathematics.


Circa 1647, the first Ioannite from inside the Venice, loans one colleges. Multiple a great deal more manage open up and allow up until Napoleon’s 1797 dissolving of the Republic regarding Venice.

Thank goodness, an abundant Ioannite living in Russia reopens one of several colleges while the Kaplaneios College. It does flourish until the coming of your own Sultan’s armies in the 1820. 繼續閱讀 Right here They show up to save the afternoon